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Sue MaynardSue Maynard

Sue Maynard was born and raised in the rural Canadian village of Creemore, ON (yes, like the beer), but currently hangs her hat in the much bigger metropolis of Mordor...er...Toronto. She is a proud Browncoat, a horror geek girl, and an overall sci fi nerd. In addition to trying to write creatively on a regular basis, Sue is a total freak for movies, books, video games, comicons, llamas, paperdolls, shiny things, Coca Cola, the number 3, and animals in general - especially her cats ... and a certain polar bear cub.

Sue has not always been the biggest fan of finishing what she starts, but in 2009 she managed to write her first novel, Carving The Light, and has since loaded her plate with several more hare-brained projects - many continuous and ongoing - including her work on the Mind Reels, and her tiny side business of handmade crafts, Conjoined Soul Geekery. So far, that all seems to have been going along okay, even if she does seem to be tired almost all of the time. Sue has, however, been known to step into a room and immediately map out her escape plan in the case of a zombie attack.

So maybe she's just been conserving her energy for that.

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